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Y2 RISE (Resources for second year students)

Welcome to your sophomore year in the college of engineering! Year 2 Resources and Initiatives for Success in Engineering (Y2 RISE) is a new initiative to help bridge the gap between freshman year and your future goals by providing resources and activities to:

  • assist in your continued academic success; 
  • expand your understanding of engineering; 
  • provide professional development opportunities; and 
  • help you develop meaningful relationships with peers, faculty and staff.

Tips for Second Year Success

  1. Manage your time wisely. Need help figuring out how? Attend a time management workshop through the Academic Success Center.
  2. Talk to your professors. Don’t wait until you are too far behind to attend office hours and help sessions.
  3. Start exploring career options by visiting the Career Center, attending career fairs, and participating in externships and internships.
  4. Expand your group of friends.
  5. Find your passion.
  6. Get involved and seek out leadership opportunities, but don’t spread yourself too thin. 
  7. Start making your own path!