About WE

Women in Engineering (WE) is a program offered through Texas A&M University's College of Engineering. WE brings together communities of women for the supportive and development of undergraduate students, graduate students and faculty. 

Vision: The WE vision for inclusion goes beyond an immediate increase in the number of students as WE incorporates inclusive practices throughout our college to elicit meaningful and lasting changes in the engineering culture and workplace as a whole.

WE brings together communities of women for the support and development of: 

  • Student organizations
  • Faculty
  • Former students
  • Non-traditional majors

Email weoutreach@tamu.edu for more information.


History of Aggie Women


An Introduction by Barbara Finlay and Pamela R. Matthews

Shortly before the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas opened in 1876, a Texas legislative delegation sent to inspect the new college reported that the school was “intended for all.” Making visible the hidden stories of women and their contributions to A&M—and, equally importantly, creating a fuller and more accurate history of our institution—are the goals of this exhibit. Recent scholarship in women’s history has shown that although women everywhere have contributed much more than we have known, the stories of women’s accomplishments need to be told more adequately. Read More

WE Spotlight

With the largest female freshman class in the nation for two years in a row, Texas A&M University has many promising future engineers. Learn more about our featured female student, Alexandria Howard, here:

Aerospace student leads organization, plans for the future

Alexandria Howard


Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I join WE?

As a female engineering student at Texas A&M you are automatically a part of the WE program. We serve all female students in the college (undergraduate & graduate), as well as faculty, engineering departments and industry. In addition to our programs, WE serves as a contact to provide information on other women's organizations. For a list of upcoming events, view our calendar

Where is WE located?

WE staff are located in the Engineering Activities Building A and B. Staff can be reached through weoutreach@tamu.edu. 

What programs does WE offer?

WE offers a variety of K-12 programs and programs for current Texas A&M University students. Programs include: summer camps, one day programs and yearlong programs such as WE LEAD, WE TEAM and WE Connections.

How can men get involved?

If you're a male student or faculty, you can join our MAGNETS group. Learn more about MAGNETS here. 

How does WE support SWE and other student organizations?

WE encourages students to become involved in SWE and other engineering student organizations.  Learn more about ways you can get involved here. 

Does WE have volunteer opportunities?

Yes! There are several volunteer opportunities for our WE students. Volunteer opportunities may include: FIRST LEGO League Mentoring, DiscoverE Girl Day and much more. Email weoutreach@tamu.edu for more information.

Contact Us

Mailing Address

620 Lamar Street, Engineering Activities Building (EAB)
3127 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-3127
Phone: 979.862.5986
Fax: 979.847.8654

Please send general questions to: weoutreach@tamu.edu


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