At Texas A&M University, we are committed to making our Aggie engineers the most sought-after candidates in the workforce. This requires going beyond the core curriculum in engineering to provide our students with skills and experiences that will make their engineering degree the most attractive candidates to employers. Colleges and universities nationwide, together with employers and entrepreneurs, have studied and recognized a great need to broaden a student's college experience to be better prepared for their professional lives - ENGR[x] is our solution.

The Texas A&M University College of Engineering undergraduate class of 2021 will be blazing the trail as the first class in the Texas A&M University system to be required to obtain a high impact learning experience credit. What is your Engineering 'X' factor?

ENGR[x] is a new zero-credit-hour required program, populated with approved engineering-centric activities that meet the criteria of high impact learning experiences.

For more information on ENGR[x], contact:
Shayla Rivera '83
ENGR[x] Director | Professor of Practice