Engineering Honors: Biological and Agricultural Engineering Track

This page describes the Biological and Agricultural Engineering Track of Engineering Honors (EH-BAEN), which applies to EH scholars majoring in Biological and Agricultural Engineering (BAEN track).

Requirements - Honors Courses - Honors Faculty - Legacy Requirements

For questions about the BAEN Track, please contact the EH Department Coordinator for Biological and Agricultural Engineering.

Image of Karthikeyan, R.

Karthikeyan, R.

Associate Professor, EH Co-Coordinator

Office: 303G Scoates Hall
Phone: (979) 845-7951

Elena Castell-Perez

Elena Castell-Perez

Professor, EH Co-Coordinator

Office: 311 Scoates Hall
Phone: (979) 862-7645


The Engineering Honors (EH) program for students in the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering majoring in Biological and Agricultural Engineering or Agricultural Systems Management (BAEN Track) has the following features and requirements in addition to the requirements of the general EH program

Additional features of the BAEN Track of EH include:

  • Renewable Academic Scholarship. Students who have active status in the BAEN track of EH are eligible to apply for an annual scholarship from the BAEN Department.
  • Special honors faculty advisors. The BAEN EH Coordinator serves as an advisor for the students in the EH BAEN Track and meets with each student in the program at least once during each semester that the student is in residence on the Texas A&M College Station campus. Additionally, each EH scholar in the BAEN Track will be assigned a faculty mentor after their first semester in the program based on their research and career interests.
  • Other benefits. EH Scholars in the BAEN Track have priority for paid summer and academic year research internships, special opportunities to interact with departmental industrial partners who have internship and fulltime employment opportunities, opportunities to be peer teachers, and access to travel funds to attend technical conferences.

Additional academic requirements for the BAEN Track of EH include:

  • Complete a thesis with the Undergraduate Research Scholars (URS) program.

To maintain active status in the BAEN Track of the EH Scholars program, students need to:

  • Meet with the BAEN EH Coordinator during each regular semester (Fall or Spring) in which they are registered for courses on the Texas A&M College Station campus

Sample Schedules for EH Students in the BAEN Track

Sample program that fulfills the EH requirements for BAEN majors is:

  Sample BMEN Honors Course Plan
ENGR 111H - Foundations of Engineering I – 2 credits
  ENGR 112H - Foundations of Engineering II - 2 credits
  ENGR 181H - Engineering Honors Seminar - 1 credit
Sophomore BAEN 301
BAEN 302
  BAEN 320
  BAEN 340
Senior Some technical electives offer Honors sections
  BAEN 491 H - Research - 3 credits – as part of the University Undergraduate Research Scholars (per sem)

BAEN Honors Courses

The following lists BAEN Honors courses that have been offered in the last four years, excluding research (291,491) and independent study (285,485) courses.


  • 2016-2017 Academic Year







    Fall 2016
    BAEN 302 3 HNR-BIO & AG ENGR FUND II (Syllabus)  Raghupathy Karthikeyan (P) Fall 16
    BAEN 201 3 HNR-ANALYSIS OF BAEN PROBLEMS (Syllabus)  Raghupathy Karthikeyan Spring 17
    BAEN 320 3 HNR-ENGR THERMODYNAMICS (Syllabus)  Carmen L. Gomes (P) Spring 17

BAEN Honors Faculty

The following BAEN faculty have taught Honors courses or supervised Honors research experiences during the last four years. Students are welcome to approach other faculty as well.

Image of Karthikeyan, R.

Carmen Gomes

Assistant Professor

Courses taught: HNR-BAEN 320

Image of Karthikeyan, R.

Karthikeyan, R.

Associate Professor, EH Co-Coordinator

Courses taught: HNR-BAEN 302, HNR-RESEARCH 491

BAEN curricular notes:

  • Undergraduate research courses (BAEN 291H, BAEN 491H) and independent study courses (BAEN 285H, BAEN 485H) require prior approval in addition to the standard departmental procedures.
  • Any 600-level BAEN course can be used for honors credit except for BAEN 691.
  • EH Scholars may request to use 3 hours of BAEN 491H to replace the technical elective or one of the engineering electives in the BAEN degree plan.