EH Activities

Activities listed below can be counted towards the EH activity requirements. For more information on each activity, go to the calendar, which contains the details of the event, intended audience, identifier (EH*) which indicates that the activity can be used for the EH activity requirements, and other information.

Fall 2017

Spring 2018

Thu, Aug 31st 2017
*EH Welcome Social
MSC Bethancourt Ballroom (Room 2300, A-D)
Tues, Jan 23rd 2018 
*EH Career Fair Prep Event*
Hullabaloo 117
Tue, September 5th 2017
*EH Career Fair Prep Event
MSC 2400 - Gates Ballroom
Thurs, Feb 8th 2018
*EH Town Hall*
ILSB Auditorium
Tue, Oct 17th 2017
*EH Town Hall
ILSB Lobby/Auditorium
Mon, April 2nd 2018
*EH Course Scheduling Social*  
MSC Bethancourt Ballroom
Thu, Nov 2nd 2017
*EH Course Scheduling Social
MSC Bethancourt Ballroom 
Thurs, April 26th 2018
*EH Distinguished Lecture & GCSP Symposium*  
ILSB Auditorium and Lobby(Past Distinguished Lecture)  
Thu-Wed, Dec 7 - Dec 14 2017
*EH Finals Study Spectacular 
Wed, May 2nd 2018
*EH Finals Study Spectacular*

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Students who volunteer at a Fall or Spring event hosted by Engineering Honors will be entered into a raffle drawing, for each volunteering opportunity attended, at the end of the semester for a special prize. Click here to sign up for upcoming volunteer opportunities.