Aggies Invent: A 48-hour weekend intensive design experience. Push your creativity to the limits and discover your potential to innovate and change the world.

Engineering Entrepreneurship Living Learning Community: A community of students who are interested in entrepreneurship. Join us for monthly dinners and exercises that will help jump-start your creativity and get you excited about the wonderful world where entrepreneurship and engineering meet.

Texas A&M I-Corps Site (iSITE): Dive into a 6-week intensive customer discovery experience. If you have an invention that you want to see on the market someday, this cohort is highly recommended.

Inventeer Pop-Ups: 1-2hour extracurricular seminars on topics such as your elevator pitch, business model canvas, funding, business basics and filing a patent.

The Aggie Boss Talk: Join c-level executives from oil and gas, tech and other industries as they share their experiences and views.

Inventeer: Our incubator program provides co-working space, a large mentor network, business resources and a structured development program to help take your product from idea to reality.

PoP Talks: Professors of Practice are engineers with 20 or more years of experience.  Learn from their mistakes so you don’t repeat them.

I-Corps: Move your product from the lab and into the market by undergoing intensive customer discovery and experiencing the triumphs and tribulations of successful innovation.

Accelerate:  We are in the process of developing an accelerator designed to help you launch your business. While in the early stages, we will be happy to discuss opportunities and options. Just connect with us.

Courses: ENDS 101, ENGR 260 and ENGR 462 are all geared towards helping students discover a passion for design, innovation and entrepreneurship. ENGR 461, Product Lean Launch for Engineers will take you through the customer discovery and product development process in a systematic, supportive and instructional manner. ENGR 36X, ENGR 36Y and ENGR AA - these courses are designed to introduce you to some of the basic principles of business and legal elements crucial to any successful venture. ENGR 46Z, ENGR 3BB or ENGR 3AB - these courses are designed to introduce you to some of the more complex nuances and practices in the enterprise and legal realm of the business world.