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Prepare for your career after Texas A&M University. How do you launch a business or secure your dream job? With networking sessions and our engineering incubator, you’ll be ready for whatever path you might take. With programs inside and outside of the classroom, we have the right resources needed to make it happen.

Inventeer: Our incubator program provides co-working space, a large mentor network, business resources and a structured development program to help take your product from idea to reality.

PoP Talks: Professors of Practice are engineers with 20 or more years of experience.  Learn from their mistakes so you don’t repeat them.

I-Corps: Move your product from the lab and into the market by undergoing intensive customer discovery and experiencing the triumphs and tribulations of successful innovation.

Courses: ENGR 36X, ENGR 36Y and ENGR AA - these courses are designed to introduce you to some of the basic principles of business and legal elements crucial to any successful venture.