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You think your idea is great…Fantastic!  Your roommate might even purchase one.  However, will anyone else? Discover if anyone will buy your invention before you start investing too much money! Learn about how to invent with a purpose, gain insight from today’s top CEO’s and find out how to take your first steps towards establishing a startup. 

Texas A&M I-Corps Site (iSITE): Dive into a 6-week intensive customer discovery experience. If you have an invention that you want to see on the market someday, this cohort is highly recommended.

Inventeer Pop-Ups: 1-2hour extracurricular seminars on topics such as your elevator pitch, business model canvas, funding, business basics and filing a patent.

The Aggie Boss Talk: Join c-level executives from oil and gas, tech and other industries as they share their experiences and views.

Courses: ENGR 461, Product Lean Launch for Engineers will take you through the customer discovery and product development process in a systematic, supportive and instructional manner.