Engineering Entrepreneurship Courses

CourseCourse DescriptionCredits
ENDS 101 The Design Process 3
ENGR 461 Product Lean Launch for Engineers: Creation of an engineering-centric business using Lean Startup Principles; incorporating the engineering design process; customer and market validation; value proposition creation; product development process; customer value chain discovery; communication skill training; development of a Business Model Canvas for a student-developed engineering product business idea. 3
ENGR 462 Engineering Entrepreneurship Hour: Engaging students with successful entrepreneurs from technical sectors among numerous disciplines within the college. 1
ENGR 36X Enterprise Basics for Technical Entrepreneurs: Funding/financing a technology based start-up company including some accounting basics, strategies for attracting and retaining key personnel, options for creating the initial board of directors. 3
ENGR 36Y Sales, Operations and Manufacturing for Technology Companies: Operations, manufacturing, sales & marketing, product pricing strategies, and supply chain management techniques focusing on technology companies. 3
ENGR 3BB Entity Formation, Contracts, Patent and Copyright and General Business Law: Contracts, business formation, liability, insurance and taxes 3
ENGR 46Z Technology Company Management, Leadership and Corporate Culture: Effective technology company management and leadership, with a focus on identifying/facing competition, establishing corporate culture, and development of strategy. 3
ENGR 3AA Intellectual Property Survey: The legal framework for protecting the products of human creativity, including patents, copyrights, trademarks, and related state laws. 3
ENGR 3AB Internet and Regulatory Law: The legal framework governing activity on the Internet, including intellectual property, privacy, free speech and access to the Internet. 3