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Why Entrepreneurship?

More than ever, companies are looking for engineers who combine technical knowledge, a passion for innovation, focus on customer value, and the skills to implement and improve existing technologies or create new ones. An entrepreneurial mindset and the experience gleaned through our extracurricular programs will launch your career to impressive heights. Whether you want to lead a company or start your own you will have the skills for success. Graduates who are innovative, understand customer value, function well on teams, and communicate effectively are highly sought after by firms hiring on our campus. Our programs place you firmly on your path to success as you demonstrate these skills.

Getting Started

If you are new to the world of entrepreneurship, don’t be intimidated! You’re about to embark on an exciting journey.

Where do I begin? Check out any of our Spark programs and events. These have been developed to help get your creative juices flowing and to light your entrepreneurial fire.

How do I know if anyone will actually buy my invention? Discover if your customer is out there through programs such as the Texas A&M I-Corps Site (iSite) and ENGR 461, Product Lean Launch for Engineers.

Where can I get the skills necessary to be a successful entrepreneur? Start working towards your career after college through our programs such as Inventeer and prepare for the life of a startup founder.

What happens when I’m ready to hit go? We can help you launch!

For a full listing of our programs visit our Program Listing page.


    • Access to our network of mentors, industry experts, faculty and staff
    • Recognition as an Inventeer Fellow
    • Retained ownership your Intellectual Property
    • Inventeer pop-ups on business basics, emerging technologies, and more
    • Guest speakers from industry and academia
    • Engineering specific networking events
    • Coaching and audits for competitions and investor meetings
    • Legal assistance for patent filing, trademarks,  entity formation, etc.
    • Funding support for customer discovery and prototype development
    • One-on-one mentorship
    • Access to Mission Control: A co-working space fully equipped with conference rooms, work spaces, break area, and so much more!
    • Over $25,000 in prize money awarded each year
    • Courses in engineering business principles and practices
    • 15+ individual programs and events designed to help you grow as an entrepreneur
    • Access to the Engineering Innovation Center