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Provide engineering students well defined pathways to develop entrepreneurial mindsets through immersive experiences in curricular and extracurricular programs to prepare them for successful careers as leaders of technological innovation within a large corporation or launching their own startup.

Frequently Asked Questions 

What is entrepreneurship?

Entrepreneurship is the willingness to take risks, innovate an existing product or to develop an entirely new product. Entrepreneurs create, organize, and manage business ventures in a competitive global marketplace that is constantly evolving. They are pioneers, innovators, leaders and inventors. Engineers make great entrepreneurs because of their natural desire to create and to solve problems. Engineering entrepreneurs are in high demand based upon their innovation and creativity.

I’m an engineering student. Why does entrepreneurship matter?

More than ever, companies are looking for engineers who combine technical knowledge, a passion for innovation, focus on customer value, and the skills to implement and improve existing technologies or to create new ones. Entrepreneurship not only prepares you to launch your own business one day, but it will help you succeed in your career at any prospective company. By receiving the Inventeer Fellow recognition, you demonstrate to prospective employers that you have mastered the skills they demand. Visit Why Entrepreneurship for more information.

What are the benefits of your programs?

Students with entrepreneurial experience are incredibly valuable to prospective employers, will become more creative, and will have the opportunity to apply classroom learning to the physical world. Engineering Entrepreneurship students will learn how to create value for a customer. Furthermore, they will be introduced to the communication skills necessary to effectively describe and demonstrate that value.  For a full listing of student benefits, visit Why Entrepreneurship.

What kind of support do you offer?

Whether you need help generating your idea, forming a team, building prototypes or just need a  space within an engineering incubator, we cover it all! We can even help you gain access to mentors, business leaders, and legal advice. Engineering Entrepreneurship has multiple student benefits no matter what stage your idea may be in. Visit Perks for a full list of benefits.

Can you fund my startup?

Engineering Entrepreneurship does not currently provide seed funding for student startups. However, we are able to assist you with grant/funding applications, competitions and pitches to angel investors or venture capital firms. For a listing of programs, please visit Programs.

I’m from industry or an alumnus. How can I get involved?

Reach out to us! If you’re interested in connecting and supporting our students, contact us.

Meet Our Team

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Dr. John E. Hurtado

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