Master Teacher Application


Tuesday, July 11 — Friday, July 28, 2017


The E3 Master Teacher position is to be a facilitator between the E3 Team, E3 Faculty and the E3 Teachers. The Master Teacher should be able to draw from his/her own useful experience – in that the Master Teacher possesses prior experiences that are relevant to what the E3 teachers will encounter during the summer program and after in their classes. As such, the Master Teacher needs to be able to help lead the program and give knowledgeable advice throughout the experience because sometimes the vision of the program might not be clear to the E3 teacher. The Master Teacher will draw on those prior experiences to convey the vision of the program. The Master Teacher must be able to adapt curricular advice to E3 teachers who teach subjects other than those of the Master Teacher (e.g., a Master Teacher certified in math should be able to advise an E3 teacher certified in the sciences or career and technical education). The Master Teacher needs to be enthusiastic and approachable, have strong communication skills enabling the Master Teacher to “speak the language of education” when communicating with the participants. The Master Teacher must be a good problem solver and also have the ability to educationally triage participants so that those in need of timely help receive the support that they need to minimize the stress that they will encounter in the research lab.


  • Former Texas A&M E3 participant
  • Be available to live on campus in College Station from Tuesday, July 11 through Friday, July 28, 2017.

Requirements to Participate

  • Ability to assist E3 Team in leading the E3 Program during educational discussions and other tasks as assigned
  • Presenting prior E3 experience and all homework assignments to current E3 Teachers
  • Ability to facilitate as needed between the E3 Team, E3 Faculty and E3 Teachers
  • Ability to help the E3 Teachers to bridge their research experience into engineering project-oriented lesson plans

Benefits of Participation

  • Summer stipend of $2,000 for 2.5 week participation
  • Development of leadership and presentation skills

Steps to Apply

  • Complete application with signatures from principal and applicant
  • Complete essay
  • Submit application and essay via fax, email or U.S. postal mail


E3 Teacher Program
Attn: Katharine Leysath
3127 TAMU
College Station, TX 77843-3127

Fax: 979.847.8654

Important Dates

Application Deadline: Monday, April 17, 2017
Final Selection Notification: Friday, April 28, 2017

E3 Master Teacher Application Form