The backbone of the high pressure/high temperature (HP/HT) laboratory is our Chandler 7600 HPHT mud viscometer. With this we measure the rheological properties of drilling fluids (and other fluids as well) to 600°F and 40,000 psia. We also utilize the pressure and temperature elements of the viscometer to charge our HP/HT cement fatigue failure cells where we can simulate the stresses imposed on the cement sheath during multistage hydraulic fracturing treatments. In addition we have the capability to measure gas viscosities with extended ranges of temperatures, pressures, gas specific gravities, and quantities of non-hydrocarbons. These data can be used to extend the range of applicability of the correlation to 400°F and at least 25,000 psia.

We are currently constructing an extreme HP/HT PVT cell where we will have the ability to measure the PVT properties of HPHT Drilling Fluids, reservoir gasses, and the solubility of reservoir gasses in drilling fluids to conditions equivalent to the Chandler 7600 Viscometer. The goal is then to inject the gas laden drilling fluid into our Chandler 7600 viscometer to determine the effect of the gas on the rheological properties of drilling fluids. This will allow us to develop an extreme HPHT gas kick behavior simulator.