The Chevron Petrophysical Imaging Laboratory has a state of the art Toshiba Aquilion RXL CT Scanner with 3D advanced visualization software. Its 16-detector row 32 slice computerized tomography system delivers high speed iterative image reconstruction of 0.5 mm data sets at up to 16 images per second. The scanner has a 72 cm gantry opening with +/- 30 degrees tilt with an accurate 0.5 mm x 16-row high-resolution detector. Also, the CT Scanner has an industry leading low contrast resolution of 2mm @ 0.3%.  

The Toshiba Aquilion RXL CT Scanner is a high-precision instrument that can measure the porosity, fluid density and changes in saturation in cores samples and enhanced oil recovery flood experiments such as water, gas or CO2 flooding. Also, it can be used to visualize natural fractures in cores samples and wormhole propagation in cores exposed to acid treatments.

More information on the research performed in this lab can be found on the Modeling and Improved Oil Recovery from Fractured Reservoirs website