This lab focuses on the petrophysical techniques listed below.

  • Distillation - Either of two extraction methods (Dean-Stark) or Retort Distillation can be used to determine the fluid saturation inside the cores.
  • Coreflood setup - Used to determine the initial permeability of the core samples using one fluid. It can also be used to determine the relative permeability to oil and water when both fluids are injected simultaneously.
  • Centrifuge - Used to determine the capillary pressure data for a core.
  • Profile Perameter
  • Sonic sifters - Used to determine the particle size distribution and sieve analysis.
  • Oil bath - Used to determine the viscosity of liquids at higher temperatures.
  • Acoustic velocity - Used to determine the wave velocities on rock samples as a function of confining stress and pore pressure comprising an ultrasonic transducer assembly, pressure vessel (Core Holder) and pore pressure intensifier. The pore pressure intensifier part is not currently available in the unit in lab 212. Rock properties such as shear modulus, Poisson’s ratio, bulk modulus, and Young’s modulus can be calculated from the wave velocities.
  • Helium porosimeter - Used to determine the porosity for core samples using simple Boyle’s law.
  • Tensiometer - Used to determine the surface and interfacial tension for liquids using Wilhelmy plate method.