Sara Abedi

PhD/Assistant Professor

  • Experimental and theoretical microporomechanics
  • Nanochemomechanics of geomaterials
  • Multiscale modeling
  • Granular material failure and flow and granular physics
  • Geomechanics

I. Yucel Akkutlu

PhD/Associate Professor

  • Shale gas and oil resource assessment and characterization
  • CO2-enhanced shale gas and oil recovery
  • Shale oil recovery using surfactants and microemulsions
  • Digital rock physics and pore-network modeling
  • Compositional reservoir flow simulation coupled with geomechanics
  • Natural gas hydrates

Ibere Alves

PhD/Professor of Engineering Practice

  • Gas and oil production
  • Two phase flow modeling
  • Artificial lift
  • Flow assurance
  • Intelligent fields
  • Deep water petroleum production

Debjyoti Banerjee

PhD/Joint Professor

  • Thermofluidics  (multiphase  flow,  boiling-condensation,  thermal  management)
  • Micro/nano-fluidics,  micro/nano-technology  (DPN,  SFIL, CNT synthesis)
  • Nanofluids  (complex  fluids)
  • Thermal  energy  storage/ solar power and numerical simulations (network models, Finite Elements/ FEA, Computational Fluids: CFD/CHT, Molecular Dynamics/ MD)

Maria A. Barrufet


  • Multicomponent thermodynamic and transport phenomena in nanoscale pores applied to compositional reservoir simulation
  • Flow assurance: hydrates and asphaltene prediction and prevention
  • Desalination processes to treat oilfield brines

Peter Bastian

MS/Professor of Engineering Practice

  • Career reservoir engineer with over 30 years industry experience
  • Specializing in oil and gas economics
  • Reservoir engineering
  • Numerical reservoir simulation

Thomas A. Blasingame


  • Unconventional reservoirs
  • Production data analysis
  • Pressure transient data analysis
  • Petroleum reservoir engineering
  • Technical mathematics

Akhil Datta-Gupta

PhD/University Distinguished Professor

  • Streamline simulation and applications
  • Inverse modeling and multiscale data integration
  • Geostatistics and stochastic reservoir characterization
  • Modeling and scale-up of enhanced oil recovery

Fred Dupriest

BS/Professor of Engineering Practice

  • Drilling performance workflows
  • Drilling mechanics theory and practices
  • Lost circulation theory and practices
  • Stuck pipe avoidance
  • Borehole quality management practices
  • Advanced well control practices

Eduardo Gildin

PhD/Associate Professor

  • Model reduction of large scale dynamical systems
  • Control and optimization of large scale dynamical systems
  • Reservoir modeling and simulation
  • Closed-Loop Reservoir Management: Production Optimization, History Matching and Optimal Control

A. Rashid Hasan


  • Wellbore Heat Transfer
  • Transient Transport Processes
  • Wellbore/Reservoir Fluid Flow

Berna Hascakir

PhD/Assistant Professor

  • Heavy Oil and Oil Shale Recovery with Enhanced Oil Recovery Methods
  • Diagnostic Studies on Reservoir Rock and Fluids
  • Produced Water Management

A. Daniel Hill


  • Production engineering
  • Well completions
  • Well stimulation
  • Production logging
  • Complex well performance (horizontal and multilateral wells)

W. David Kennedy

MS/Professor of Engineering Practice

  • Theoretical Petrophysics
  • Conductivity Anisotropy in Rocks
  • Numerical Modeling of Logging Instrument Responses
  • Formation Evaluation Education and Training

John Killough


  • Unconventional reservoir simulation/high performance computing
  • Coupled surface/subsurface reservoir models
  • Upscaling and multiscale reservoir simulation
  • Hysteresis and relative permeability

Jihoon Kim

PhD/Assistant Professor

  • Coupled flow and geomechanics in hydrate, shale and tight gas, and geothermal reservoirs
  • Hydraulic fracturing, hydroshearing, coupled geomechanic-geophysical modeling
  • Reservoir simulation, computational geomechanics

Mike King


  • 3D reservoir modeling and characterization
  • Pressure and rate transient analysis for unconventional reservoirs
  • Upscaling of geologic models for flow simulation
  • Streamline-based simulation and flow analysis??

Marcelo Laprea-Bigott

PhD/Professor of Engineering Practice

  • Transient well analysis
  • Reservoir engineering and production optimization in Venezuelan fields
  • Reservoir engineering and simulation
  • Heavy oil recovery methods

Jenn-Tai Liang


  • Using nano drug delivery technologies for transport and controlled release of oilfield chemicals
  • Hydraulic fracturing fluid cleanup
  • Microbial enhanced oil recovery
  • Scale, wax, and asphaltene inhibition
  • In-depth conformance control
  • CO2 injector for carbon sequestration and improved oil recovery

Heitor Lima

PhD/Professor of Engineering Practice

  • Deepwater drilling
  • Deepwater well design
  • Advanced well control

M. Sam Mannan

PhD/Joint Professor and Regents Professor

  • Abnormal situation management
  • Aerosol research
  • Quantitative risk assessment
  • Reactive chemicals
  • Modeling of silane releases
  • LNG safety
  • Design and flammability research

William D. McCain, Jr.

PhD/Visiting Professor

  • Reservoir engineering and reservoir management
  • Reservoir fluid properties
  • Reservoir rock properties
  • Reservoir simulation, especially compositional simulation
  • Production of volatile oils and gas condensates

Priscilla G. McLeroy

MS/Professor of Engineering Practice

  • Improved decision and risk analysis
  • Lifecycle oil and gas management
  • Integrated E&P asset design
  • Oil & gas systems engineering

Duane McVay


  • Risk and uncertainty assessment
  • Unconventional resource assessment
  • Petroleum reservoir simulation
  • Integrated reservoir characterization and management

Zenon Medina-Cetina

PhD/Joint Professor

  • Stochastic mechanics
  • Stochastic processes: spatiotemporal simulation (3D-T)
  • Risk, reliability and sensibility analysis
  • Uncertainty identification, characterization and propagation
  • Inverse problems: Bayesian and extended logic
  • Photomechanics: identification of localization phenomena
  • Geostatistics: probabilistic site characterization
  • Optimal modeling and simulation of structures and processes
  • Stochastic design of early warning systems
  • Causal analysis through influence diagrams: Bayesian networks
  • Scientific computing: parallelization of Monte Carlo methods
  • Integrated site characterization: geologic, geophysical and geotechnical

George Moridis


  • Numerical simulation and advanced numerical methods
  • Unconventional gas resources
  • Thermal operations
  • Enhanced oil recovery processes
  • High performance computing coupled (flow, thermal, geomechanical, geochemical, geophysical) processes

Nobuo Morita


  • Geomechanics numerical modeling using the finite and boundary element methods for borehole, perforation, casing, and formation stabilities and hydraulic fracturing
  • Geomechanics laboratory and field analyses

Hadi Nasrabadi

PhD/Assistant Professor

  • Compositional Modeling of Multiphase/Multicomponent Fluid Flow in Porous Media
  • Enhanced Oil Recovery and Sequestration
  • Phase Behavior of Reservoir Fluids
  • Modeling asphaltene precipitation in porous media
  • Shale gas and oil recovery

Hisham Nasr-El-Din


  • Enhancing well performance through chemical means
  • Developing environmentally friendly chemicals

Sam Noynaert

PhD/Assistant Professor

  • Applied drilling research
  • Horizontal/deviated drilling
  • Automation and optimization of the drilling process
  • Oilfield tubular design and issues
  • Solutions to drilling-related problems in unconventional reservoirs

David S. Schechter

PhD/Associate Professor

  • Spraberry Trend Area
  • Geological and Petrophysical Analysis
  • Wettability Determination and Imbibition Experiments
  • Numerical Modeling
  • Reservoir Simulation
  • CO2 Flooding and Gas Injection

Jerome J. Schubert

PhD/Associate Professor

  • Drilling
  • Well control
  • HPHT Cementing
  • HPHT Rheology
  • Deepwater Drilling
  • Dual Gradient Drilling
  • Managed Pressure Drilling

Yuefeng Sun

PhD/Joint Professor

  • Petrophysics
  • Reservoir geophysics
  • Quantitative petroleum geology of ultra-deep petroleum systems

Peter P. Valkó


  • Performance of stimulated wells
  • Design and analysis of hydraulic fracturing treatments
  • Numerical inversion of the Laplace transform

George Voneiff

MS/Professor of Engineering Practice

  • Applied petroleum economics in unconventional plays
  • Statistical analysis of large data sets from unconventional formations
  • Large-Scale production data analysis using empirical techniques

Ruud Weijermars


  • Petroleum economics and decision making
  • Reservoir models and production forecasting
  • Geothermal reservoir models
  • Wellbore stresses and hydraulic fracturing

Kan Wu

PhD/Assistant Professor

  • Hydraulic fracturing in unconventional reservoirs
  • Particle-laden flows
  • Coupled geomechanics and fluid flow modeling
  • Well performance prediction and optimization

Ding Zhu


  • General production engineering
  • Well stimulation
  • Complex well performance
  • Intelligent completion technology