Computer Facilities

The department has four PC laboratories/classrooms for undergraduate and graduate student use.

These labs/rooms are available for use by petroleum students during the day when classes are not being held, and also between the hours of 5 pm – 8 am, unless they have been reserved for review sessions, class, or other events.

The location and capacity of these rooms are:

  • Richardson 208 – 45 PCs
  • Richardson 301 – 20 PCs
  • Richardson 311  interactive lab/classroom (check with IT on proper use of PCs)
  • Richardson 313 – interactive lab/classroom (check with IT on proper use of PCs)
  • Richardson 319 – 33 PCs

After hours card access is required to enter the labs.

  • for undergraduate card access, visit the IT group in Room 901
  • for graduate lab or office use, see Kathy Beladi in Room 507 (with written advisor approval)

In addition to department open-access facilities and graduate computing facilities, all undergraduate and graduate students also have access to all campus computing facilities. These include:

  • several supercomputer facilities
  • graphics and resource computing laboratories
  • open access PC-laboratories

Frequently asked computer/IT questions.