• Professor
  • Director, TEES Gas and Fuels Research Center
Nimir Elbashir

Educational Background

  • PhD, chemical engineering, Auburn University, Auburn, Alabama, USA, 2004
  • MS, chemical engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 1998
  • BS, chemical engineering, University of Khartoum, Khartoum, Sudan, 1994

Research Interests

  • Dr. Elbashir is the Director of Texas A&M Engineering Experiment Station Gas and Fuels Research Center: a major research center that involves 30 faculty members from both the Qatar and College Station campuses of Texas A&M University. He is also the Chair of the ORYX GTL Gas-to-Liquid Technology Excellence Program.


    The focus of his research activities is the design of advanced midstream and downstream natural gas processing units including reactors, catalysts and conversion processes to ultra-clean fuels and value-added chemicals.

Awards & Honors

  • Faculty Excellence Award, Texas A&M University Qatar, 2017
  • Texas A&M University Laboratory Safety Excellence Award, 2017
  • Texas Engineering Experiment Station Genesis Research Excellence Award, 2016
  • Texas A&M University Association Former Students Distinguished Achievement Award in Teaching – College Level, 2015
  • Dean’s Leadership Award for Outstanding Service, 2015

Selected Publications

  • Zhang, L.; Kalakul, S.; Liu, Linlin; Elbashir, N.; Du, J.; Gani, R. 2018. A Computer-Aided Methodology for Mixture-Blend Design. Applications to Tailor-Made Design of Surrogate Fuels. Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research.
  • Kalakul S., Zhang L., Fang Z., Choudhury H.A, Intikhab S., Elbashir N.O., Eden M.E., Gani R. 2018. Computer aided chemical product design: Tailor-made blended products. Chemical Engineering Computer.
  • C Afzal, S., Sengupta, D., El-Halwagi, M.M., Sarkar, A., Elbashir, N.O. 2018. An Optimization Approach to the Reduction of CO2 Emissions for Syngas Production Involving Dry Reforming. ACS Sustainable Chemistry & Engineering.
  • Challiwala1 M.S., Wilhite B.A., Ghouri M.M., Elbashir N. O. (2018) “Multi-Dimensional Modeling of a Microfibrous Entrapped Cobalt Catalyst Fischer-Tropsch Reactor Bed” AIChE Journal, volume 64; issue 5: 1723-1731.
  • Choudhury H.A., Intikhab S., Kalakul S., Gani R., Elbashir N.O. 2017. Integration of computational modeling and experimental techniques to design fuel surrogates. Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering, online 17 August 2017.