Petroleum engineering students are required to complete a summer internship in the oil and gas exploration and production industry before enrolling in the senior petroleum engineering courses. The internship must consist of at least six weeks of full-time employment.

The student is required to prepare a Student Internship Report for the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. The purpose of the report is to aid the committee in program evaluation. Specifically, the committee is interested in how well the student was prepared for the summer internship after completion of the junior year.

The Student Internship Report should be a letter report in Microsoft Word format addressed to the Undergraduate Advisor and prepared in three sections as discussed below:

  1. Give the name of the employer and the beginning and ending dates of your employment. Describe the nature of the work and level of supervision you received. Include duties, responsibilities, and projects you worked on.

  2. On which courses did you draw during your internship?
    GEOL 404 PETE 321
    PETE 225 PETE 323
    PETE 301 PETE 324
    PETE 310 PETE 325
    PETE 311 PETE 335
    PETE 314 PETE 403

  3. If you think the curriculum could have better prepared you for the internship, please identify the tasks for which you were not well prepared and include recommendations for improvement. Please cite specific examples to support your answer.

The report should be submitted by e-mail before the beginning of your senior classes to Gail Krueger. []. Please mention "Student Internship Report" in the subject line.