We do NOT offer an undergraduate bachelor’s degree online. This is a master’s degree which means you MUST have a bachelor’s of science degree in engineering to be considered.

For more information concerning the application process, please contact our department’s graduate office at: pe-grad_info@tamu.edu

Can I apply without a degree in engineering?

Our courses depend a great deal on advanced mathematics such as, but not limited to, advanced calculus, physics, differential equations, thermal fluids. Therefore, we require a degree in petroleum or a closely related field, such as chemical, mechanical, or electrical.

How many applicants are admitted per semester? 

We admit an average of 20 students.

What will the degree cost?

See our cost link under prospective student; or go to sbs.tamu.edu for their handy calculator.

How do I apply to the graduate program?

See our admissions link under prospective student.

Is the GRE mandatory?

Yes, it is mandatory. Also, if taken and it is over (5) years old you will need to retake it. The PE graduate program does not accept GMAT.

If you are taking the GRE past the Petroleum Engineering Department application deadline, please send an e-mail to the petroleum engineering graduate office with the date you are taking the GRE so that they can print out your email and note it in your application file.

What is the minimum/average GRE score?

There is no average score to determine whether or not you will be accepted.  Statistically, it has been demonstrated that those students scoring higher correlates well with our rigorous level of coursework resulting in higher academic performance. 

The graduate committee will review and rank your completed application. Ranking is based on a set of criteria which includes, but is not limited to, an undergraduate degree in engineering, overall grade point average, letters of recommendation, and GRE.

What is the criteria?

Our program is very competitive and our stringent courses require knowledge and understanding of advanced engineering undergraduate courses such as those listed in #1 above.

Where can I find information on the tests required?

  1. GRE - http://www.ets.org/gre
    TOEFL - http://www.ets.org/toefl
    IELTS - http://www.ielts.org/

Are there core/prerequisite courses?

There are petroleum courses you will take prior to your specialized track. These are included on your degree plan. Our approach provides a core body of knowledge of advanced topics in petroleum engineering. Upon completion of the degree, students will be able to perform advanced-level tasks in drilling, production, reservoir engineering, formation evaluation, and project evaluation and economics.

Does the degree state it is distance learning?

No. You will earn exactly the same degree you would earn if you studied on our campus in College Station, Texas. The standards for admission, course work, and graduation are the same. The only difference is your diploma will read Master of Engineering, whereas campus students' diplomas will read Master of Science (because it is research-based).

You are welcome to come to campus and walk through the graduation line with your classmates.

What is the difference between Master of Engineering and Master of Science?

Master of Engineering is non-thesis and Master of Science is thesis (because it requires research and residency). 

How many classes does it take to graduate?

You are required to take 12 classes (a total of 36 credit hours).

How long have you been offering Master of Engineering degree?

Our graduate program has been delivering the MEng degree online since 1995, so we have plenty of experience to help you complete your graduate degree successfully.

What can I expect?   

  1. Recorded lectures to view on-line. (see technology requirements on menu to right)
  2. Access to e-campus 
  3. Distance Learning support team to answer questions and help resolve any problems.

Is there a list of courses to view?

Graduate Catalog: http://catalog.tamu.edu/graduate/course-descriptions/pete/ 

Is there anyway I can still get the degree without an engineering background, since I have work experience?

Our courses require an engineering undergraduate degree.

If I am admitted to DL can I switch to the campus program?

It must be approved by the graduate committee. You will not be eligible for assistantship. 

Can I take courses at my own pace?

This is not a self-paced degree. 

The standards for admission, course work, and graduation are the same as if you attended campus. Therefore, you follow the syllabi the professor distributes for the class. You have seven (7) years to complete the degree.

What can you tell me about the certificate program?

If you want a certificate to show you have gained expertise in a given area and receive Continuing Education Units (CEU), you can take a sequence of courses. Click on the certificate link (menu to the right) for more information.

Can I get college credit for the certificate program?

Certificate courses do not count toward a college degree. Click on the certificate link for more information.

Is financial aid available?

We do not offer financial aid through our distance learning program.  If admitted to Texas A&M University, you can check with the Student Business Services office (sbs.tamu.edu) for different types of financial aid. At times, the College of Engineering (engineering.tamu.edu) may offer scholarships.

Is there a minimum number of years you can take to complete the degree?

The degree must be completed within seven (7) years to avoid having to retake classes, but we have it structured so you can finish in four (4) years while working full-time.

How will exams be taken? Do I need to travel to a facility?

Exams will be taken online. Your time will be limited to the same as the class. You will not need to travel to a facility. For more information, see our technology requirements link.

Can I do an internship?

Our DL Students are full-time employees. If you want to take a semester off to intern somewhere, that is between you and the company; we do not assist in this area. In addition, it is up to the graduate committee, director of the graduate program, and director of distance learning whether the one hour credit will be applied to your degree plan, although it will be added to your transcript.

Are classes taught live via webcam or through pre-recorded videos?

Classes are recorded at the designated time in the class schedule listed in e-campus under REGISTRATION/SEARCH CLASS SCHEDULE. Once recorded, they are uploaded within a couple of hours for you to view on the e-campus website (access is provided once you are officially enrolled and on the first day of classes). If you want to watch the class being recorded at the designated time, please contact Ms. MaryLu Epps (her information is listed on our contact page).

The distance learning website has different deadlines than the Apply Texas application. Which is correct?

Please go by our deadlines and not the Apply Texas application. Applications must be completed and submitted by:

  • Spring - Deadline will be September 1
  • Summer - Deadline will be November 1
  • Fall – Deadline will be December 15

Incomplete applications will not be reviewed. Due to the number of applications received for both distance learning and campus, the process takes time, and decisions can take up to a month or more.

Due to the high volume of emails and telephone calls, the graduate committee will not review transcripts, resumes, statements of purpose, or other parts of the application prior to submitting your completed application to Texas A&M University.

If you have any other questions about the application process, contact our department’s graduate office at pe-grad_info@tamu.edu.