Please note: The only difference between you and a campus student is you are a virtual student. Just like any campus student, you must:

  • keep up with your degree program
  • follow Texas A&M University deadlines
  • stay in contact with the course professor and/or teaching assistants
  • abide by Texas A&M student rules

When do I register?

Information about registration is sent to you by email using the DL Listserv. You will also receive an email to your account stating your preregistration time. This is when you will clear your location on

What if I am blocked?

If the Department of Petroleum Engineering blocks your registration, submit you location and then fill out the registration form provided in the registration email sent to the DL Listserv. Forward the form to Laura Hall ( and she will get you registered.

When do I access e-campus for the class?

Professors usually make e-campus available on the first day of class.

How can I see the syllabus?

Once the faculty submit their syllabus, it is uploaded to Howdy. If you cannot log into Howdy yet, go here.

Faculty will also have updated syllabus made available on the e-campus course webpage.

Who is my advisor?

Dr. Maria Barrufet serves as your temporary advisor until your second semester or third course (whichever comes first). That is when you begin preparing your degree plan. Information on this is sent out to the DL Listserv every semester.

Will I be told when deadlines are?

You are responsible for keeping track of dates and deadlines of registration, first day of class, etc.

Bookmark these pages for deadlines and other information:

Where are student rules located?

Where do I pay tuition and fees?

Go to and look to the right hand side for “billing” and click on it.

Have questions or concerns about tuition and fees? Go to Student Billing Services:

Can I make installment payments?

You can request installment payments in Howdy in the billing section, but you must do this EVERY semester. The installment plan does not roll over from semester-to-semester. Direct any problems with billing to Student Business Services:

What if I have problems with NetID?

If your NetID password is going to expire or has expired, visit the site for instructions to update or change it.

What is meant by 'Live The Code'?

Live the Code refers to the Aggie Code of Honor and other Core Values:

What if I have problems with course access/submission email/software?

Contact the Distance Learning Coordinators at:

What if I have questions about the program, registration, degree plans, etc.?

Contact Laura Hall at

Do I need a student ID card?

Email the Aggie Card Office at from your official Texas A&M email account requesting the distance education ID card and they will verify if you are eligible and mail you the ID.

What if I have issues with videos, sound, poor resolution?

Contact: and copy the DL Staff (

GMAIL password help?

Contact the HELPDESK: