Master of Engineering Courses will vary depending on the semester. For course availability go to the Howdy portal. Look under MY RECORD, REGISTRATION, and click on SEARCH CLASS SCHEDULE

NOTE: Section 700 is for Distance Learning students only and Section 600 is for campus students only

Graduate Courses

Graduate courses and their prerequisites are listed in the online graduate catalog.

NOTE: Prerequisites are subject to change. Always confirm with the professor or the syllabus of the class.

Need to see a syllabus but don't have access to Howdy yet? Check out our SYLLABI viewing instructions to see available syllabi files.

We recommend making all course changes in your degree plan the semester prior to graduation. All changes are done online through the document system. Link is located on the Office of Graduate and Professional Studies website under FORMS link.

Courses in other departments

Listed below are three other Master of Engineering degree programs. We do not register students in courses located in other departments but you can contact those departments directly for more information.

You may contact other departments not listed to see if they offer distance learning courses and find out what their registration process is.

NOTE: All outside courses must be approved by your chair and listed in your degree plan.