If you have not done so already, subscribe to the DL Listserv to receive information to help you along in our program.

Please contact DL Staff with any questions/concerns at DL@pe.tamu.edu.


EVERY SEMESTER you are blocked by the DL Program. You will be registered by the DL staff. Follow directions sent to DL Listserv around mid-semester.

  • REGISTRATION is done through QUALTRICS.
  • NOTE the dates in which the Qualtrics link will be opened. 
  • QUALTRICS link will be sent through the DL Listserv.

Clearing your location hold:

  • Go to https://howdy.tamu.edu to complete the location request located under scheduling link during either: 
    1. the time you are allotted by Texas A&M; or
    2. during open enrollment.

NOTE: We cannot register if you have NOT cleared your location. Mandatory per Texas A&M University rules.

Do NOT wait until the last minute to register for classes or:

  1. You may not get the class you want.
  2. You may end up with a late charge. 
  3. Staff may be unavailable that last day of registration.

Once your registration is completed

  • Student Business Services sends information relating to tuition and fees.
  • Check your total tuition and fee amount on Howdy PRIOR to start of class. Billing link is located to the right hand side of HOWDY.
  • If you plan to do installments, you must request it EVERY semester as installments do NOT roll over one semester to the next.
  • Failure to pay on time - Texas A&M University will drop you from the course.
    • If you accessed the course, and decide not to continue, you WILL still owe money. (See students rules for refund information.)
  • Need more information on cost? See our cost of attendance section.

Accessing course materials

  • Some professors will NOT have the syllabus posted until the beginning of the semester, please check eCampus.
  • You may contact the professor ahead of time with questions pertaining to the course. Locate faculty emails on the petroleum department website faculty page.
  • All course materials are accessible through the course website located within eCampus. 
    • Access to eCampus will be on the first class day, although some professors may not use eCampus and will contact you through your Texas A&M email. 
    • eCampus: http://ecampus.tamu.edu/. You must use your NetID login and password to access eCampus.
  • You will not gain access to the course website and materials until all holds have been removed.
    • Go to HOWDY to view holds. The only hold should be our department registration hold, which is termed "advising hold." 
  • The course website contains the links to the course syllabus, access to synchronous communication, "Chat," and asynchronous communication, "Discussion Board(s)," and so forth.


You will NOT have access to your PETE course in eCampus until the professor teaching the course adds the course in to ecampus.

Plan ahead:

  • Consult your Chair (Adviser) for suggested courses if the course(s) on your degree plan are not listed.
  • You do not have to follow your degree plan exactly in order courses are listed
  • You can substitute courses
  • You must have your committee formed by the end of your second semester or third course, whichever comes first.

Click on the degree plan link for more information.

Academic Calendar

BOOKMARK the academic calendar http://registrar.tamu.edu/general/calendar.aspx.

  • You will find official university dates for registration deadlines, fee payment deadlines, first day of classes, dropping courses, end of the semester relevant dates, and other important information. It is your responsibility to keep up with academic deadlines.