Students from Institutions Outside Texas A&M University (TAMU)

Students requesting transfer admission (change of curriculum) from another department in the College will be evaluated only when they have:

  • completed at least one semester of course work at TAMU
  • completed a minimum of 10 SCH of CBK1) courses that include ENGR 111, MATH 151 and PHYS 218 or equivalents with a grade not less than “C”
  • earned a CBK GPR of 2.75 or better
  • earned a cumulative GPR of 2.75 or better
  • no history of repeating, dropping or withdrawing from courses,
  • not made a grade less than “C” in any course in the previous semester

Only the “best” grade is used in computing the CBK GPR. However, in the case of “marginal” students, CBK courses taken at TAMU are viewed more favorably than those taken elsewhere. Students who have repeated a CBK course or courses, regardless of the reason, are not viewed as favorably as those who pass the course(s) on the first attempt.

Applicants for the ocean engineering department should fill out the Change of Curriculum Form and submit it to Charlie Donaway.


  • CBK courses are: ENGR 111, ENGR 112, MATH 151, MATH 152, PHYS 218, PHYS 208, CHEM 107, CHEM 117 and ENGL 104.
  • The department’s application periods and deadlines for submitting a transfer request (extensions may be granted to students with exceptional academic records).
Fall Admission February 15th to May 1st
Spring Admission September 15th to December 15th
  • Transfer requests will be evaluated after final grades for the current semester have been posted on COMPASS.
  • The department reserves the right to refuse admission to any applicant who has been assigned a sanction due to academic misconduct.
  • Students who are accepted are generally placed on “Provisional” status for a minimum of one semester. Provisional students must meet a set of requirements to remain in the department. These requirements, as defined by the department, may include but are not limited to: the number of hours taken per semester, restrictions on dropping courses,specific courses that must be taken in designated semesters, minimum grades in specific courses, and minimum overall GPR.
  • The provisions of this policy do no constitute a contract, express or implied, between any applicant, student, faculty or staff member of the ocean engineering department or Texas A&M University. This policy is for informational purposes only and should not be interpreted as a guarantee of admission if all provisions are met. The department reserves the right to change or alter any statement herein without prior notice.