The Department of Ocean Engineering is dedicated to helping its students attain their educational goals and has developed one of the most successful scholarship programs at Texas A&M University. The Texas A&M Scholarships & Financial Aid website provides a wealth of information about financial aid processes, available federal scholarships, and other details about how to pay for college.

Scholarship Information for Incoming Freshmen

High school seniors who have been accepted into Texas A&M's ocean engineering department may apply for a four-year Benson Scholarship, which awards selected applicants $2,500 per year. Factors considered by the selection committee are a student's SAT or ACT score, size of and rank in graduating class, activities during high school that demonstrate an interest in engineering, and diverse interests beyond academics.

Note: If you completed the scholarship application portion of the Apply Texas Application for Freshman Admissions when you applied to Texas A&M, you do not need to submit an application to be considered for the Benson Scholarship. The civil engineering department automatically placed your Apply Texas scholarship application in the Benson Scholarship applicant pool for consideration.

If you did not complete the scholarship application portion of the Apply Texas Application for Freshman Admissions, you can either:

Submit a copy of a previous scholarship application you have completed, OR—

You can create and submit a document that lists your high school attended, class rank, SAT or ACT score, and high school activities and honors.

Letters of recommendation and other supporting materials may be submitted but are not normally considered in the evaluation process.

Submit completed applications to Dr. Harry Jones at h-jones@tamu.ed (preferred). Applications may also be submitted to:

Charlie Donaway
Department of Ocean Engineering
Texas A&M University
College Station, TX 77843-3136

Scholarship Information for Currently Enrolled Ocean Engineering Students

The ocean engineering department provides undergraduate scholarships and graduate fellowships to dozens of students every year. Minimum requirements vary from scholarship to scholarship; however, in general, successful applicants will have a GPR greater than 3.0 and will be actively involved in the Ocean Engineering professional societies, such as SNAME and MTS. Please download the scholarship application for currently enrolled ocean engineering program students.