• Assistant Research Professor
Abhilash Somayajula

Educational Background

  • Doctor of Philosophy, Texas A&M University – 2017
  • Dual Degree – Bachelor of Technology and Master of Technology, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur – 2011

Research Interests

    • Autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV), autonomous ships, marine control systems
    • Dynamic stability of ships and floating platforms, wave-structure interaction 
    • Potential theory and panel methods, nonlinear time domain simulations, long-term extreme load prediction
    • Nonlinear and stochastic dynamics, parametric instabilities, first passage statistics

Awards & Honors

  • Graduate Teaching Fellow (2016), Texas A&M University
  • ISOPE Outstanding Graduate Student (2016)
  • American Bureau of Shipping Scholarship (2013-2017), Texas A&M University

Selected Publications

  • Somayajula, A., & Falzarano, J. (2017). Application of advanced system identification technique to extract roll damping from model tests in order to accurately predict roll motions. Applied Ocean Research, 67, 125–135.
  • Somayajula, A., & Falzarano, J. (2017). A comparative assessment of approximate methods to simulate second order roll motion of FPSOs. Ocean Systems Engineering, 7(1), 53–74.
  • Somayajula, A., & Falzarano, J. (2017). Critical assessment of reverse-MISO techniques for system identification of coupled roll motion of ships. Journal of Marine Science and Technology, 22(2), 231–244.
  • Somayajula, A. S., & Falzarano, J. (2017). A comparative assessment of simplified models for simulating parametric roll. Journal of Offshore Mechanics and Arctic Engineering, 139(2), 21103.
  • Guha, A., Somayajula, A., & Falzarano, J. (2016). Time domain simulation of large amplitude motions in shallow water. In 21st SNAME Offshore Symposium (pp. 1–20). Houston, TX: Society of Naval Architects and Marine Engineers.
  • Somayajula, A., & Falzarano, J. (2015). Large-amplitude time-domain simulation tool for marine and offshore motion prediction. Marine Systems & Ocean Technology, 10(1), 1–17.
  • Falzarano, J., Somayajula, A., & Seah, R. (2015). An overview of the prediction methods for roll damping of ships. Ocean Systems Engineering, 5(2), 55–76.
  • Moideen, H., Somayajula, A., & Falzarano, J. M. (2014). Application of Volterra series analysis for parametric rolling in irregular seas. Journal of Ship Research, 58(2), 97–105.
  • Somayajula, A., & Falzarano, J. M. (2014). Non-Gaussian analysis methods for planning craft motion. Ocean Systems Engineering, 4(4), 293–308.
  • Guha, A., Somayajula, A., & Falzarano, J. M. (2013). Analysis of causeway ferry dynamics for safe operation of improved navy lighterage system. In Proceedings of the 13th International Ship Stability Workshop (pp. 1–8). Brest, France: STAB International Standing Committee.