Kuang-An Chang


Joint Faculty – Professor, Civil Engineering

Chang, Kuang-An

Office: DLEB 802C
Phone: 979.845.4504

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Research Interests

  • Wave breaking processes
  • Wave-structure interactions
  • Sediment dynamics
  • Environmental fluid mechanics
  • Non-intrusive quantitative measurement techniques

Awards & Honors

  • Lockheed Martin Excellence in Teaching Award (2012)
  • • Invitation Fellowship Award (2009-2010) (from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science)
  • Zachry Award for Excellence in Teaching (2008-2009)
  • VSJ SGI Award (2001) (from Visualization Society of Japan)


  • Ph.D.,Cornell University,1999
  • M.S., Cornell University, 1994
  • B.S., National Taiwan University, 1991

Selected Publications

Chuang, W.-L., Chang, K.-A. & Mercier, R. (2015) “Green water velocity due to breaking wave impingement on a tension leg platform.” Experiments in Fluids, 56, 139.

Song, Y.K., Chang, K.-A., Ariyarathne, K. & Mercier, R. (2015) “Surface velocity and impact pressure of green water flow on a fixed model structure in a large wave basin.” Ocean Engineering, 104, 40-51.

Lim, H.-J., Chang, K.-A., Huang, Z.-C. & Na, B. (2015) “Experimental study on plunging breaking waves in deep water.” Journal of Geophysical Research - Ocean, 120, 2007-2049.

Whilden, K.A., Socolofsky, S.A., Chang, K.-A. & Irish, J.L. (2014) “Using surface drifter observations to measure tidal vortices and diffusion at Aransas Pass, Texas.” Environmental Fluid Mechanics, 14, 1147-1172

Song, Y.K., Chang, K.-A., Ryu, Y. & Kwon, S.H. (2013) “Experimental study on flow kinematics and impact pressure in liquid sloshing.” Experiments in Fluids, 54, 1592