Who we are

Texas A&M Ocean Discovery Team is a collaborative student team composing of passionate students from Texas A&M University at College Station, TX and Galveston, TX participating in the “Shell Ocean Discovery XPRIZE®,” an International competition to study the ocean floor.

The Challenges

Design, Build, and Launch an AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) that can:

  • Operate at 4000m depth
  • Create a HD bathymetric map of the ocean floor
  • Chemically sense and track biological and geological features
  • Operate and report information without any human intervention


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Sponsorship Information - How you can help

Material Supplier of parts useful to the development of an untethered ROV
Knowledge Specialist on a related topic who can provide time and expertize
Manufacturing Provision of tools or machines needed for the manufacturing of AUV
Financial Support Support by donating money or services


Dylan Blakeslee

Project Manager

TAMU Ocean Discovery