Undergraduate Program

The undergraduate advisors are your first point of contact for questions about undergraduate degree program. Contact them for questions about entering the Department of Ocean Engineering and about student records questions including removing blocks from your registration, Q-Drop requests and other related items. Each student is also assigned an Ocean Engineering Faculty member as their undergraduate advisor--you should contact them with questions related to course selection, pre-requisites, graduation requirements and general professional questions.

Budvitis, Anna

Anna Budvitis (Galveston)

Donaway, Charlie

Charlie Donaway (College Station)

Graduate Program

The current graduate advisor is Prof. J. Falzarano. The graduate advisor oversees the evaluation process for accepting new students into the program, and is the point of contact within the division for submitting paperwork associated with the graduate degree program, including degree plans, petitions, Q-drop forms, Ph.D. qualifying exams notifications, and thesis defense forms.

Each graduate student is also required to form an advisory committee that supervises the student’s progress and thesis work. The advisory committee makes recommendations to the graduate advisor regarding degree plans, petitions, and defense results. Students should consult their advisory committee, especially the committee chair, before turning to the graduate advisor with questions.

The Office of Graduate Studies maintains the regulations that govern graduate work and advisory committee activities. They also maintain useful links for housing and other campus information. Please consult their web site for further information.