• Associate Research Engineer
Saya Lee

Educational Background

  • Ph.D., Nuclear Engineering, Texas A&M University, 2014
  • M.S., Mechanical Engineering, Handong University, 2009
  • B.S., Double Major in Mechanical Engineering and Electrical Engineering, Minor in Computer Science, Handong University, 2003

Research Interests

  • Experimental and Computational Thermal-Hydraulics in fundamental phenomena and Nuclear Engineering applications including:

    • Mixing of turbulent jets
    • Heat exchangers and steam generators
    • Buoyancy driven flows of water, gas, and molten salts
    • Multiphase transport phenomena
    • Developing advanced measurement techniques – PIV, LIF, PSP, and Sensing techniques using electric signals and image processing
    • Application of Machine Learning Algorithm to measurement techniques and data analysis

Selected Publications

  • S. Lee, Y.A. Hassan, “Experimental study of flow structures near the merging point of two parallel plane jets using PIV and POD,” International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 116 (2018): 871-888.
  • S. Lee, M. Delgado, S. J. Lee, and Y. A. Hassan. "Experimental investigation of the isothermal flow field across slant 5-tube bundles in helically coiled steam generator geometry using PIV." Nuclear Engineering and Design 338 (2018): 261-268.
  • S.J. Lee, S. Lee, Y.A. Hassan, “Large eddy simulation of turbulent flow in the channel of annular walls with staggered semi-circular ribs,” International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 123 (2018): 705–717.
  • R. Vaghetto, P. Jones, N. Goth, M. Childs, S. Lee, D.T. Nguyen, Y.A. Hassan, “Pressure Measurements in a Wire-Wrapped 61-Pin Hexagonal Fuel Bundle,” Journal of Fluids Engineering 140 (2018): 031104.
  • D.T. Nguyen, N. Goth, P. Jones, S. Lee, R. Vaghetto, Y.A. Hassan, “PIV measurements of turbulent flows in a 61-pin wire-wrapped hexagonal fuel bundle,” International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow 65 (2017): 47-59.
  • Huhu Wang, Saya Lee, Yassin A. Hassan, Arthur E. Ruggles, "Laser-Doppler measurements of the turbulent mixing of two rectangular water jets impinging on a stationary pool." International Journal of Heat and Mass Transfer 92 (2016): 206-227.
  • Saya Lee, Suhaeb S. Abdulsattar, Rodolfo Vaghetto, and Yassin A. Hassan, "Permeability and compression of fibrous porous media generated from dilute suspensions of fiberglass debris during a loss of coolant accident," Nuclear Engineering and Design 291 (2015): 244-260.
  • Kyle L. McVay, Jae-Hyung Park, Saya Lee, Yassin A. Hassan, and N.K. Anand, "Preliminary tests of particle image velocimetry for the upper plenum of a scaled model of a very high temperature gas cooled reactor." Progress in Nuclear Energy 83 (2015): 305-317.
  • Jaeyoung Lee and Saya Lee. "Flow visualization in the scaled up pebble bed of high temperature gas-cooled reactor using particle image velocimetry method." Journal of Engineering for Gas Turbines and Power 131, no. 6 (2009): 064502.