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The Department of Nuclear Engineering (NUEN/RHEN) welcomes student transfers from three sources:

  1. Changes of curriculum from students who are enrolled in majors in the Texas A&M University College of Engineering
  2. Changes of curriculum from students attending Texas A&M from non-engineering majors
  3. Transferring from colleges and universities outside of Texas A&M

The following rules apply to transfer students from other colleges and universities seeking to transfer into nuclear engineering:

Students must have completed the following list of undergraduate courses or their equivalents prior to being considered eligible for transfer:

Course Name Credits
MATH 151 4 hrs
MATH 152 4 hrs
PHYS 218 4 hrs
PHYS 208 4 hrs
CHEM 101/111 or CHEM 107/117 4 hrs, lab included
CHEM 102/112 4 hrs, lab included

The chart above contains the list of courses required for all students seeking admission into the degree sequence of a major in the college of engineering at Texas A&M. For all students seeking to transfer into nuclear engineering, they must possess a GPA of 3.0 in the courses listed above. Additionally, admitted students will be required to complete the ENGR 111/112 sequence (unless already completed), and the overall GPA of these courses along with the above courses must be equal to or greater than 2.75 to be admitted unconditionally into upper level. Anyone seeking to transfer into NUEN, please note that if there are courses that are in progress from the list above, at the point when an application is submitted to the university, that transfer request/application will not be processed until a final grade is posted. Students wishing to change curriculums from other majors within Texas A&M will be considered after their first semester grades have posted providing they are following the engineering first year sequence.  

Transfer Student Tips