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For those interested in pursuing a challenging, honors-based curriculum, the Department of Nuclear engineering has an honors program outlined by the honors and undergraduate research adviser committee. If students wish to pursue an honors program, they will be subject to the following base requirements:

  • At least 18 honors credits in the college or departmental honors plan:
  • At least 12 honors credits in the student’s college (for a college honors plan) or in the requirements for the student’s major and/or minor (for a departmental honors plan);
  • At least 6 honors credits in courses or types of courses chosen by the academic unit (college or department), these may be but are not required to be outside the college (for a college plan) or outside the courses required for the student’s major and/or minor (for a departmental plan);
  • At least 3 honors credits of the 18 required honors credits in a 400-level or above (graduate courses accepted) course, including 491H or 48H research or independent study;
  • No more than 6 honors credits in 491H and 485H combined.
  • No more than 6 honors credits of graduate courses registered for graduate credit (600-level).
  • At graduation a student must have a cumulative Texas A&M GPR of at least 3.5 and a cumulative honors GPR of at least 3.25.

Additional credits and requirements may be added in addition to what is on this page at the discretion of the department. For more information regarding the engineering honors program for the nuclear engineering track, please see the attached file or contact Dr. Lin Shao. The attached file is subject to revision at a later date as a nature of the refinement of the program, and will be updated when it is finalized.

Engineering Honors: Nuclear Engineering Track