Our department has a number of funding opportunities for our graduate students, with the vast majority receiving some form of financial assistance. The main types of funding offered by the department come from Texas A&M University graduate fellowships, external fellowships, graduate research assistantships, and graduate teaching assistantships. Funding for our students is considered separately from our admission decisions and we encourage applicants to contact faculty in their research area interests about available funding opportunities.


Our department encourages each applicant to seek out and apply for fellowships from outside agencies. Students who wish to be considered for Texas A&M fellowships must complete their application by December 1 for fall entry. Texas A&M fellowships are not available for spring or summer semester entry. Students who enroll on a fellowship are open to select their research project and advisor within the department.

Graduate Assistantships

Research – Students selected for graduate research assistantships (GAR) are funded by a particular faculty member from their research interest area. Students will work directly on their research projects and the faculty member will serve as their committee chair for their graduate studies. The personal statement in the application is heavily reviewed and helpful when pairing up students to an area of research/faculty member.

Teaching – Student selected for graduate teaching assistantships (GAT) are funded by the department for one year. Domestic students receive two semesters of funding and International students are given three semesters. Students are assigned to one or two undergraduate courses each semester and serve as graders. The department encourages students to utilize this time to explore the various research areas within the department, eventually selecting one and secure funding from a faculty member for the remainder of their graduate studies.

Students who receive funding from a graduate assistantship are employed half-time (20 hours per week) and receive in-state tuition benefits and insurance. Assistantships are very competitive and students are expected to have high GPA and GRE quantitative scores.