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This episode of The Study Break includes a very honest conversation with guest, Celeste Lundy. The hosts dive deep into cultural roadblocks, perceptions and how Celeste personally overcame those in her college career thus far. In honor of Black History Month, Celeste explains what it means to her and what motivates her to become a Black female engineer.

Join the student cohosts of SoundBytes as they kick off a new series, Just a SEC, where they talk leadership, professional development and more with the Student Engineers' Council.

Deepfakes have made headlines in recent years, with many discussing ways to detect and combat these computer-generated images. Dr. Freddie Witherden, assistant professor in the Department of Ocean Engineering, is working to develop better ways to tell the difference between real and fake images.

On this episode of Ask an Engineer, the SoundBytes team asks Dr. Freddie Witherden how the average person can spot a deepfake image. The answer might surprise you.