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On this episode of The Wire, we talk about how Texas A&M Engineering researchers are predicting the potential impact of tsunamis caused by underwater landslides in the Gulf of Mexico. Plus, what are you thankful for?

Dr. Darren Hartl from the Department of Aerospace Engineering talks about his team's research to create quieter, transforming supersonic aircraft for commercial use.

On this bonus episode of Texas A&M Engineering: SoundBytes, dive into what life is like as a graduate student. Bryton Praslicka talks about the impact of study abroad, graduate research and why he decided to become an Aggie engineer.

On this episode of The Wire, we talk about how the U.S. Navy and first responders are using small drones for new purposes in the field and how that connects to research in the College of Engineering.

On this episode of The Study Break, Ritika Bhattacharjee and Inaam Hajj-Ali talk about what its like to come to college feeling out of place and how they overcame their fears to get involved in organizations to bridge the gap of college and the cultures from which they were raised.