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Important Notice: On a Break

Texas A&M Engineering Soundbytes is taking a Study Break. We’ll be back in Just a Sec after we Engineer This! into something new and exciting. In the meantime, please feel free to scroll through our archives.

Texas A&M Engineering: SoundBytes is the podcast where faculty, students and staff across the engineering program can share their passion, experience and expertise.

Giving a voice and platform to engineering news, the podcast boasts three series covering a wide range of topics: Engineer This!, Just a SEC and The Study Break.


Engineer This!

Showcasing the impactful and exciting research of faculty and students, Engineer This! is a conversation on research featuring professors and students you have may have had class with, studied with or passed in the halls.

Just a SEC

Get a bite-sized dose of professional development from the Student Engineers’ Council. From leadership tips and tricks to best practices for growing your professional network, these episodes highlight the transition between education and industry.

The Study Break

Recorded by students, for students, The Study Break is a community connected by audio. Take a listen to hear about the lives, passions and experiences of student life and get to know a little more about what life is like on and off the Engineering E-Quad.



For those topics that don’t quite fit in with our other series or are just too special not to stand apart, BonusBytes doesn’t play by the rules.

Ask an Engineer

Get in the know and find out answers to buzz-worthy questions when we ask our faculty to weigh-in on noteworthy topics.

The Wire

Stay up-to-date on engineering news and events happening around campus with the bite-sized episodes of The Wire.


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And feel free to reach out to us at