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A group of students at Aggies Invent


Join us as we kick off the start of the semester on this episode of The Wire and learn about upcoming events, need-to-knows and our student led series, The Study Break. Also hear the premiere of Voices of ZACH - a segment featuring Texas A&M Engineering students from the Zachry Engineering Education Complex.

Episode Transcript

Hannah: Hi, there, and welcome to Texas A&M Engineering presents SoundBytes: the podcast where faculty, students and staff share their passions, experience and expertise. And the first episode of The Wire.

Jenn: Woohoo! Yeah, so The Wire will be a podcast that we do every other week. And it's a shorter podcast where we just talk about any goings on in the College of Engineering, any calendar updates for y'all and there'll be a segment that we're going to introduce here in a little bit, which we're very excited about.

Hannah: Yeah.

Jenn: Yes. But first, so let's introduce our hosts, you have Hannah, and—

Hannah: Hi, there.

Jenn: Oh, sorry.

Hannah: Interrupting me, Jenn.

Jenn: I’m so sorry. I just had to get to my name. I just had to introduce myself, even though you've just kind of done it.

Hannah: You're so rarely on the mic. You’re just so excited.

Jenn: Right. I'm just so excited. But there is someone who didn't show up for the podcast today.

Hannah: Yeah, Steve can't be here to welcome everyone back to campus. But from everyone on the PodSquad, here's a big welcome back. It's (going to) be a great fall. Albeit a little bit of a hot one.

Jenn: Oh, but I'm just ready for October. Like I cannot stand these days of having over 100 degree temperatures, like I'm just dying. So just make sure, everybody, that you drink a lot of water. You have to walk a lot to get around this campus. Even though it's a beautiful campus, it is a very large campus, and so make sure you're drinking water and make sure you're staying in air conditioning as much as you can. There's a lot of air conditioning here in Zachary, so feel free to come hang out with us in here.

Hannah: Yeah, come say hello. Lend us your voice. All that jazz.

Jenn: Yes. So, I guess, let's go on, if you're okay with it, let's move into some calendar updates. You ready?

Hannah: Yeah, let's do it.

Jenn: Awesome. So, first on the list is we have our Aggies Invent: Energy Solutions. The registration for that opened up on Sunday, September 1, so it's all live now. And, so, basically, Aggies Invent is a 48-hour make-a-thon where students work in teams to basically build a product from scratch or a project from scratch based on a prompt that they get. And it's a lot of fun. The students really enjoy spending time working and figuring out new ideas and innovating new solutions. So, if you're interested in that at all go to and it's going to be in the Student Life section.

Hannah: Also in the Student Life section is information about the Grand Challenge Scholars Program, which is open for application until September 15. So definitely go check that out as well.

Jenn: And what's convenient is, if you're worried you're going to forget those dates, just rewind this podcast a little bit, then you'll get to hear him again.

Hannah: Just listen to it over and over.

Jenn: It’s the best way to spend your day, really.

Hannah: Absolutely very productive. Right, Steve? Perfect.

Jenn: One last thing on our calendar is the SEC fall 2019 career fair, which is tomorrow and Thursday. So, every year our Student Engineers Council organizes this giant career fair with over 450 industry representatives. And it's a really good opportunity for students to be able to practice talking to these representatives – kind of giving, you know, your elevator pitch about yourself and sharing your resume. And this year it's going to be in Kyle Field. Don't worry, all of the booths and Kyle Field will be indoors. It will also be across the street in the Hotel and Conference Center that we have here as well.

Hannah: Also indoors

Jenn: Also indoors, yes.

Hannah: It is a really great resource. It's a little bit hard to know how to market yourself what to say, what not to say, which is just as important.

Jenn: Definitely.

Hannah: If you need any last minute help, or if you just want to talk to somebody face to face about the career fair, or anything else, go visit the Career Center on the first floor of ZACH, if you're coming in from the E-Quad, it's just right there next to the doors. Go say hello to the smiling faces behind the desk.

Jenn: They will be happy to help.

Hannah: Always.

Jenn: So, Hannah, I think they've heard enough from us.

Hannah: Okay.

Jenn: I think it's time that we hear from y'all. This is a segment we're calling Voices of ZACH.

Hannah: During Howdy Week, we wandered the halls of ZACH and said hello to everybody and a few of you were kind enough to lend us your voices and let us know: What are you most excited about for this semester?

Jenn: Let's find out what people had to say.

Hayes Tipton: My name's Hayes Tipton, Class of 2023. I’m most excited to meet a lot of new people this year.

Vanessa Perez: Hi, my name is Vanessa Perez. I am class of 2023. And this year I'm most excited about taking engineering classes at one of the most renowned schools in the country.

Hank Oliver: Hi, my name is Hank Oliver, I am a member of the Class of 2023 and I'm a general studies engineer, and I'm most excited for new challenges.

Annie Benson: My name is Annie Benson, Class of 2023, and I'm most excited about meeting new people at ZACH.

Lauren King: Hi my name is Lauren King. I am the class of 2020. And I am most excited about just, like, kicking the semester’s butt and also being a small group leader for Chi Alpha.

Ronald Lee: Hi, my name is Ronald Lee. I'm in the class of 2023 and right now I'm just in general engineering. What I'm most looking forward to this year is just learning about all the different disciplines of engineering and figuring out what I love

Littzy Paredes Brignoni: Hello, my name is Littzy Paredes Brignoni. I am Class of 2023. And I am most excited about learning the way like things work in the engineering world and just getting--diving into that.

Ruth Ann Sonom: Hi, my name is Ruth Ann Sonom. I'm Class of 23. And the thing that I'm most excited about is Zachry learning complex.

Timothy Lee Vordenhanmen III: Howdy, my name is Timothy Lee Vordenhanmen III, I'm most excited about trying Laynes and Canes and figuring out which is better.

Darian Arasteli: Hi, my name is Darian. I'm part of the Class of 2023 and I'm most excited for the football games.

Taylor Reinke: Hi, my name is Taylor Reinke. I am from the Class of 2023 and I'm most excited about being in the Zachry building and being surrounded by other engineers.

David Salazar: Hi, my name is David Salazar. I am in the Class of 2023. I'm most excited about starting classes and really figuring out which type of engineering I'd like to go into. I've been freaking out a bit, trying to figure out my strengths and weaknesses and stuff. But I'm sure, just by starting classes and getting into the A&M flow, that by the end, I'll be happy with whatever major I choose.

Jenn: That's just a sampling of the students we have here in Texas A&M Engineering, and we're excited to be able to record more voices and to share them with you here on this podcast. And that's it. That's The Wire. It's pretty, pretty brief.

Hannah: Some might even say it's bite sized.

Jenn: Hannah. Steve is not even here and you are bringing the dad jokes.

Hannah: Someone had to do it, Jenn.

Jenn: No, no one had to do it.

Hannah: Someone had to do it.

Jenn: Well, next week, we've got the study break, which is the podcast that is by students, for students.

Hannah: Tune in to hear what two seniors have to say about tips and tricks about the Zachry building.

Jenn: And, until then, thanks and Gig ‘em.

Hannah: Thanks and Gig ‘em.



Hannah: Thanks so much for tuning in to Texas A&M Engineering presents SoundBytes. What do you think? Do you have any burning questions you want to ask? Hit us up and let us know at That’s bytes with a ‘y’. And keep an eye out for us at ZACH. we like to wander the building from time to time and we love hearing from you. So come on over and say hello or lend us your voice for a future episode.

Finally, just so you know, the views and opinions expressed in this podcast are those of the hosts and guests and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Texas A&M University System.

Make sure to tune in next week. Until then, from everyone on the PodSquad, sounding off: Thanks and Gig ‘em.