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Richard MilesMiles WebDr. Richard Miles, TEES Distinguished Research Professor in the Department of Aerospace Engineering at Texas A&M University, and his research is featured in an engineering and technology article on titled “Hypersonic Laser Tagging: A New Way of Understanding Fluid Mechanics.” is a website with a series of outreach research publications that help researchers communicate their findings beyond their specialty and into the world.  Their goal is to connect scientists, educators, policy-makers and researchers with the public and private sectors.

Miles’ research focuses on the use of lasers, electron beams, microwaves and magnetic devices to observe, control, accelerate, extract power and precondition gas flows for supersonic and hypersonic fluid dynamics, combustion, propulsion and homeland defense applications.

His research group is widely recognized for inventing new linear and nonlinear optical diagnostics, developing a new understanding of plasma aerodynamic interactions and exploring new concepts for hypersonic ground test facilities.

An emeritus professor at Princeton University, Miles joined the faculty in aerospace engineering in 2017. Key collaborators on his team include aerospace faculty Dr. Albina Tropina, research professor, and Dr. Chris Limbach, research assistant professor. 

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