Dunbar and students attend International Conference on Environmental Systems

AHSL Students At ICES Poster Session 2017A WebDr. Bonnie J. Dunbar, TEES Distinguished Research Professor, and three students from her Aerospace Human Systems Laboratory attended the 47th International Conference on Environmental Systems (ICES 2017) in Charleston, South Carolina. ICES is the largest conference dedicated to human spaceflight systems, including habitats, vehicles and extra-vehicular activities (spacesuit) systems.

Master’s students Patrick Chapates and Mathew Holub, and undergraduate research student Robert Baldwin attended the technical sessions, networked with professionals from throughout the nation and the world, and attended an early career development workshop for students. 

In addition, the students helped host the student poster competition, which was sponsored by the Department of Aerospace Engineering and the Institute for Engineering Education and Innovation (IEEI), of which Dunbar is the director.

AHSL Students At ICES Reception With Astronaut Ross WebThe four-day conference covered all topics related to humans living and working in extreme environments with applications inside or outside of terrestrial or outer space habitats or vehicles. A large percentage of the participants were from NASA, with other attendees from industry, universities and international representatives.

The conference is organized by the ICES Steering Committee and supported by the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Space Environmental Systems Program Committee, ICES International Committee, American Institute of Chemical Engineers Environmental Systems Committee, the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Crew Systems Technical Committee, and the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics Life Sciences and Systems Technical Committee.

In addition to the department and IEEI, other sponsors included OHB, Honeywell, Paragon and UTC Aerospace Systems. Amy Ross, head of EVA systems at NASA Johnson Space Center was the chair.