Anderoglu becomes assistant professor at the University of New Mexico

Dr. Osman Anderoglu ’10, a graduate of the materials science and engineering program at Texas A&M University, has become a faculty member in the Department of Nuclear Engineering at the University of New Mexico.

Osman Anderoglu

Anderoglu earned his Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from Bogazici University in Istanbul, Turkey. He received his Master of Science and Ph.D. degrees from Texas A&M in mechanical engineering and materials science and engineering, respectively. He worked with Dr. Xinghang Zhong on his Ph.D. dissertation “Nanoscale Growth Twins in Sputtered Copper Films.”

After graduation, Anderoglu worked as a postdoctoral researcher at Los Alamos National Laboratories. In 2012, he received the Department of Energy Nuclear Energy Office’s Fuel Cycle R&D Excellence award and was promoted to a technical staff member in 2013.

“New nuclear reactor concepts require advanced materials for the demanding environments,” Anderoglu said. “I currently work on the development and qualification of advanced materials for next generation nuclear reactors.”

Anderoglu also works in other materials research topics, including establishing microstructure-mechanical property relationships, advanced manufacturing and characterization techniques, designing ion-irradiation experiments, and using small-scale mechanical testing techniques for characterization of these materials.

“Through this research, I hope to help new reactor concepts become viable for the world’s ever-growing energy need,” Anderoglu said.