Mijares receives best paper award from Machinery Failure Prevention Tech Conference

MijaresJorge Mijares, a graduate student in the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M University, received the Best Paper Award at the Machinery Failure Prevention Tech 2017 (MFPT) Conference in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Mijares’ paper “Detection of Lubrication Starvation in Ball Bearings and Preload Effects” focuses on studying the relation between the clearance and the characteristic acceleration signal of lubrication starvation in ball bearings (lack of lubrication can create extreme temperatures, accelerated wear and increased buildup of contaminants). He said in his paper that a performance comparison of fault detection methods shows that kurtosis (a measure that describes the shape of a distribution curves’ sharpness, or “tail” in relation to its overall shape) is an effective method to detect problems related to lubrication.

“In the study it was found that when the bearing is rotating under lubrication starvation conditions there is a relation between the clearance (distance that the internal ring could move with respect the outer ring, space between internal bearing components) and the content of impulses or peaks on the vibration signal, which is known to be a characteristic indicator for bearing problems,” Mijares said. “To improve the performance of kurtosis, a time-frequency domain technique called fast-kurtogram is used to automatically detect and extract the frequency band excited by those impulses.”

Mijares is a doctoral candidate under the advisement and mentorship of Dr. Bryan Rasmussen, the Leland T. Jordan Career Development Professor in the mechanical engineering department. His specialty areas of research include fault diagnosis, ball bearing dynamics and signal processing.

MFPT has been the leading forum for technology, application and methodology for machinery failure prevention that has evolved over a half century to encompass so much more. The theme of this year’s conference was “50 Years of Failure Prevention Technology Innovation,” which was chosen to celebrate their history and also challenge the MFPT community with, “What are the challenges or opportunities in the future and how can MFPT respond?”