Mechanical Engineering Advancement Fund

The Industry Advisory Council for the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Texas A&M University has established a contribution-based fund that directly supports faculty, students, and the mechanical engineering department (MEEN) as a whole.

The Mechanical Engineering Advancement Fund was created to provide a mechanism of support that would stay within MEEN and be distributed consistent with the priority needs of the department. 

Currently, the Mechanical Engineering Advancement Fund distributes contributions annually per the following allocation schedule:

  • 50 percent to Faculty Support (Fellowships and Recognition)
  • 30 percent to Undergraduate Endowed Student Scholarships
  • 20 percent to MEEN Department Strategic Activities (excludes operating expense)

If you wish to help support the department through the Mechanical Engineering Advancement Fund, contributions may be made electronically, by postage mail or through Jeremy Quast, the MEEN development officer. If available, please leverage your company’s gift matching process.


Online Giving Instructions

Contributions by Postage Mail

  • Send your check and write on the check memo line “Mechanical Engineering Advancement Fund”
  • Complete a matching company form if applicable and include in the envelope
  • Include written instructions directing the contribution to the “Mechanical Engineering Advancement Fund” (A copy of this note can also be used)
  • Mail to:

The Texas A&M Foundation
401 George Bush Dr.
College Station, TX  77840

Contributions Directly to Mechanical Engineering Development Officer

A third option is to provide a check directly to Jeremy Quast, the mechanical engineering department development officer. Quast will ensure your contribution is credited to the Mechanical Engineering Advancement Fund.

The Industry Advisory Council for the MEEN department encourages your consideration for support.  We sincerely thank you for any contribution you elect to make.