Jain wins second in Engineering and Architecture subject area at SRW

Prerna Jain, graduate student in the Artie McFerrin Department of Chemical Engineering at Texas A&M University, won second place in the Engineering and Architecture subject area at the university’s annual Student Research Week (SRW) event. Jain’s research is supported by the Mary Kay O’Connor Process Safety Center.

Jain’s research has many implications for the development of efficient and integrated risk management methods within the oil and gas industry. 

Formed in 1994 as a one-day poster event, SRW is in its 19th year. Each year SRW enable hundreds of students from both the graduate and undergraduate levels to present their research in the form of oral or poster presentations. Not only does the event showcase student research at Texas A&M, SRW honors excellence in research, giving a huge value booster to a student’s career.

The college of engineering had the largest number of competitors at SRW, accounting for 32 percent of the 740 registered participants. That was double the size of the second-largest participating college.