Too busy working to work on your computer science or engineering career?

paul career servicesThe Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University gets many requests from companies — who may or may not be members of our Industrial Affiliate Program — interested in hiring our students. This interest led us to contact Former Student Career Services (FSCS) for information on services available to our Former Students.

Paul A. Pausky '78, associate director of FSCS, responded and gave some thought provoking answers to the title question, Too busy working to work on your computer science or engineering career?

"Take a moment to reflect upon the realities of our evolving employment marketplace," said Pausky. "In this environment you must maintain your competitive position by continuously strengthening professional connections and monitoring emerging technology within your organization and out in the marketplace for evolving needs and new opportunities."

Pausky adds, "We want you to know that Former Student networking specialists have resources and strategies in place to help you build and maintain your network of connections!" He's talking about FSCS, which provides tools and resources for networking in addition to job listings and resume reviews. FSCS is located in the Texas A&M Career Center on the Texas A&M campus. It's mission is to help you align your interests with existing and evolving needs at companies, markets, industries, and organizations that participate in the Center.

"In the past year," said Pausky, "more than 1,600 active recruiting employers sought Aggie engineering and technology talent through the Career Center and there were more than 8,600 job listings specifically seeking experienced hires. Moreover, our resources can help you identify and pursue work internationally as well as help our international Former Students identify visa-friendly employers across the United States."

FSCS advisers, including Debbie Jackson '76 who works with new graduates, will introduce you to application strategies. "Knowing that individuals perform better after practice, we provide sample interview questions, resources to practice mock interviews and guides to help polish your interviewing skills," said Pausky.

"You invested time and money at Texas A&M preparing to earn income. We appreciate that commitment and we are committed to helping you succeed long after you have walked the stage at graduation. The resources available through the Texas A&M Career Center can help you to maintain and protect that investment whether you want to move up the company ladder or move on to a new career.

"If you are interested in learning more about our resources, please contact us at or visit some of our resources at"