Kuo's research among most cited in ECS Transactions journal

KuoDr. Yue Kuo, professor and holder of the Dow Professorship in the Artie McFerrin Department of Chemical Engineering, has one of the most cited papers in ECS Transactions, a journal on solid-state and electrochemistry studies.

"High-k Materials and Processing III" was published in 2006 and continues to be highly-referenced, ranking at the top in solid-state research for the journal (data collected August 2014).

"The high-k gate dielectric in this paper is critical to the success of the next generation of high-speed ICs widely used in computers and instruments," Kuo said.

According to Kuo the research in this area continues in terms of how he plans to advance the research into the future generation of nonvolatile memories, which are also critical to advanced computers and instruments.

"Our current result shows that a single electron or hole can be stored in one nanocrystal (of the size of 3-8 nm) embedded in this new high-k dielectric material," Kuo said.

The research paper can be found at doi: 10.1149/1.2209294.