CSE has bumper year in scholarships

image of scholarshipsThe number of endowed scholarships in the Department of Computer Science and Engineering at Texas A&M University has doubled in the past year thanks to the generosity of members of its Advisory Council and other former students, faculty and friends of the department. These endowed scholarships and scholarships made possible by the department's Industrial Affiliates Program enable the department to award 75-80 scholarships annually to outstanding and deserving students.

With the new scholarships received this year, we currently have 16 endowed scholarships. Since Summer 2013, we received the Dr. Richard Volz Memorial Scholarship, Michael'78 & Diane'79 Pfister Scholarship, Lynette & Darnell Knippa'70 Scholarship, Judith Dietz & Al White'86 Scholarship, Donna'92 & Steven Leist'93 Scholarship, Pamela & Troy Toman'89 Scholarship, Jana & Terry Leeper'86 Scholarship, and the Col. Edmon R. McCarthy'66 Scholarship.

The Ace Scholars Honors Program, established by the department in August 2013, has an ever increasing number of outstanding students. Each of them gets a 4 year scholarship, so we have plenty of deserving students to give our expanding number of scholarships.

Last year, our engineering college instituted the "25 by 25 initiative" to increase student enrollment to 25,000 by 2025. One way CSE proposes to meet this challenge is by attracting more top students with department scholarships. This past year indicates that the department's growth goal is in reach as more and more future computer scientists and computer engineers receive the financial support necessary to continue their academic careers at Texas A&M.