Marin’s love for Texas A&M inspires giving

HE22273 RM Marin _40-webEric Marin’s pride for his alma mater and the opportunity to make a difference in a young person’s life is the driving force behind his gift of $100,000 to the Engineering Education Complex (EEC). 

“I love A&M and I am happy to help,” Marin said. “I think this facility will be an important part of promoting the engineering program and by contributing to this project, I feel like I am helping the next generation of students.”

The EEC is a key component of the Dwight Look College of Engineering’s 25 by 25 initiative – a transformational program to increase access for qualified students to pursue engineering education at Texas A&M University to an enrollment of 25,000 engineering students by 2025. The EEC will be solely dedicated to undergraduate engineering education and will be built adjacent to the existing Zachry Engineering Center (ZEC) that will be renovated during the new construction project.

When completed, the EEC and ZEC together will feature 600,000 square feet of state-of-the-art learning space. The complex will be an innovative learning environment, utilizing technology, flexible classrooms, design and fabrication shared-use laboratories, collaborative space and tutoring services.

“Facilities are a vital part of our students’ education,” Marin said. “Having first-class facilities helps to attract first-class professors and students to A&M which, in turn, elevates the engineering program nationally and internationally.”

Marin earned his bachelor’s in computer science in 1986 and is currently a managing director with WG Consulting in Houston. He also serves on the Engineering Advisory Council for the Department of Computer Science and Engineering and as a representative of that council on the Look College’s advisory council.