Dr. Tracy Hammond and Manoj Prasad interviewed by KBTX-TV News

HammondInterview.jpgOn the morning of Wednesday, December 11, 2013 local CBS affiliate KBTX-TV News visited the Department of Computer Science and Engineering's Sketch Recognition Lab (SRL) to learn more about the lab's latest state-of-the-art research projects. News reporter David Norris spent some time with Associate Professor and Lab Director Tracy Hammond and her doctoral researcher Manoj Prasad on recent research ventures that have been or will be published in some of the top peer-reviewed conferences in the world.

One of SRL's recent research undertakings discussed during the interview included GeoTrooper, a work led by alumni Dr. Danielle Cummings, Mr. George Lucchese, and Mr. Chris Aikens, as well as Dr. Hammond and Mr. Prasad. The project involves a multimodal mobile navigation system for the military that addresses the complex difficulties of navigation and assembly at drop zones. It received Honorable Mention for Best Case Study at the 2013 Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems (CHI) in Paris, France.

Two other SRL research projects discussed by Dr. Hammond and later demonstrated by Mr. Prasad to Mr. Norris were HaptiMoto and HaptiGo, which are works led by Mr. Prasad and Dr. Hammond, as well as current researchers Mr. Paul Taele and Dr. Daniel W. Goldberg. These projects utilized lightweight haptic wearable navigation vests for motorcyclists and situationally-unaware pedestrians, respectively. HaptiMoto will be presented in late April at CHI 2014 to be held in Toronto, Canada, and HaptiGo is scheduled for presentation in late February at Haptics 2014 in Houston, Texas.

KBTV-TV News' segment of SRL and their interview with Dr. Tracy Hammond and live demonstration by Mr. Manoj Prasad can be found at: http://www.kbtx.com/home/headlines/Texas-AM-Team-Puts-the-Vibe-on-Navigation-Technology-235487141.html.

Learn more about the Sketch Recognition Lab at http://srl.tamu.edu.