Nuclear engineering China study abroad

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This past summer, Texas A&M nuclear engineering undergraduate students were presented with an extraordinary opportunity to spend 17 days in China studying alongside students from Harbin Engineering University (HEU). The summer school had 16 TAMU and 20 HEU students and faculty participate. It was jointly organized by the Department of Nuclear Engineering and the School of Nuclear Science and Technology at HEU. This is the second year that the program took place, after a very successful first school was organized in 2012. This program includes six days of lecture at HEU and 11 days of travel to visit nuclear power plants under construction.

At Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Plant near Dalian, students toured the CPR1000 power plant unit (French design) and were graciously given the opportunity to look inside the containment building and the steam turbine room. In Beijing, students learned about the first Chinese nuclear power plant design, the ACP1000. At Sanmen Nuclear Power Plant, students learned about the AP1000 Westinghouse PWR design. At Daya Bay Nuclear Power Plant, student visited various training centers including the one for spent fuel loading. The trip provides insights into the growing Chinese nuclear energy program and provides a better understanding of nuclear safety. The ability to see concepts in the classroom being implemented in the field greatly enhances the students’ understanding.