Lutkenhaus to participate in NAE education symposium

Jodie Lutkenhaus, assistant professor in the Artie McFerrin Department of Chemical Engineering at Texas A&M University, has been selected to take part in the National Academy of Engineering's 17th Annual U.S. Frontiers of Engineering Education (FOEE) Symposium.Photo of Dr. Jodie Lutkenhaus

As one of a select number of participants convening at this symposium, Lutkenhaus has been recognized as a faculty member who is actively teaching in a U. S. engineering program and has implemented significant innovations in her classes.

The symposium is aimed at recognizing, rewarding and promoting effective, substantive and inspirational engineering education through a sustained dialogue within the emerging generation of innovative faculty.

At the symposium, participants will engage in discussions and workshops focusing on applying pedagogies to student learning of engineering fundamentals, as well as personal, interpersonal and professional skills. They will have multiple opportunities to share their innovations with their colleagues, learn from best practices, and network with colleagues. During the symposium, participants will present new approaches they are taking to classroom, laboratory, project, experiential, computer-based or other modes of preparing engineering students to work and lead in the 21st century.

At Texas A&M, Lutkenhaus focuses on designing organic thin films and nanostructures to enable the development of novel organic energy systems and smart-coatings. Areas of her research include learning how polymer thin films behave in confinement; fabrication of polymer nanowires and nanotubues; polyelectrolytes and layer-by-layer assembly; designing lithium-ion battery electrode and electrolyte materials; and understanding electrochemical processes within these materials.

Lutkenhaus, who completed her undergraduate career at The University of Texas at Austin, earned her Ph.D. at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2007 before joining Texas A&M's chemical engineering department in 2010.

The Frontiers of Engineering symposium is scheduled to be held Nov. 13-16 at the National Academies' Beckman Center in Irvine, Calif. It is an initiative of the Center for Advancement of Scholarship on Engineering Education, the first operating center of the National Academy of Engineering. More information about the FOEE symposium is available at